1. B

    Underfloor heating boiler pump always on

    Hi. Newbie question, couldn't find a similar one. When my underfloor heating pump is on, the pump on the combo boiler is also on, this is both when the boiler is calling for heat or not. So, gas light on boiler pump on, gas light off boiler pump on. (Worcester Bosch greenstar 30cdi) Is this...
  2. G

    Sewer smell - could it be linked to Sanispeed pump plumbing setup?

    Hi, I apologise for the length of the message. About one year ago we had a Sanispeed pump installed on the ground floor of our house to take the washing machine water to the sewer system (it was previously linked to the rainwater system). Since then there have been intermittent very strong...
  3. T

    Grundfos pump flashing green LED

    I have a Grundfos UPM3 Flex AS pump for my UFH system. The lights on it are as follows: LED 1: Flashing green maybe every second LED 2: off LED 3: Solid yellow LED 4: Solid yellow LED 5: off I understand the yellow LED's indicate the speed/performance setting it is set to and I can change this...
  4. J

    Which thing uses about 30watts, the fan or the pump?

    Hi, I have a WB Greenstar 8000, 35kw. Under warranty, serviced yearly. Installed 2 years ago. I noticed via our smart electric meter than something somewhere was consuming about 30 watts constantly. After much searching I noticed than something in the boiler is running all the time. It...
  5. B

    Water hammer when hot water comes on, following heating.

    I'm experiencing a water hammer when my hot water comes on, following on from the heating. My hot water is on a timer, to come on twice a day to fill a hot water tank. If I have my heating on in between, then when the hot water come on there is a nasty, loud water hammer. The hot water /...
  6. G

    The Grundfos upm3 pump does not stop running

    Hello to everyone, I have a problem with my Grundfos upm3 pump that does not stop running. Here is the description of the problem: I have two heating circles, upstairs and downstairs which is floor heating. The pump in the question services the floor heating. It is connected with Junkers...
  7. samag

    C plan system airlock

    Hi guys, we moved into a place last Dec with an old Grant Euroflame oil boiler with 4 pipes, one set with a Grundfos pump on it and the other set running upstairs to a HW cylinder. We've never been able to get HW generated from the boiler for a sustained period, the water doesn't seem to flow...
  8. J

    Washing machine pump waste

    Hello Installing washing machine in remote location under stairs/ no drain near by here’s what I’m proposing but never done before so thought I’d have an ask, Fit washing machine with hose into hockey stick trap then connect to Grundfos sololift C-3 lifting station, core through the wall to...
  9. Z

    Underfloor heating pump wiring

    Hello everyone, i have installed underfloor heating, and cant figure out how to wire manifold pump so that it only turns on with the heating on and not with hot tap water it is a ideal logic + combi 30 boiler. Anyone know if its even possible?
  10. F

    Boiler pump running when no heat being called for

    I'm finding that occasionally the boiler pump will be running when no radiator is calling for heat (and the boiler is outputting none). I havent really timed it, but its just for a few minutes I think. Its not directly after heat has been called, but seemingly at random. Do some boilers run it...
  11. J

    Using a standard shower pump for the whole house

    I have a gravity fed system which consists of a cold water storage tank in the loft and a hot water tank on the ground floor in an airing cupboard. The hot water pressure on the ground floor in the kitchen and toilet is decent, which is expected as the water has a longer drop from the loft. On...
  12. S

    Water pump

    Hello. Help or advice needed. Every time I clean patio puddles form along the fence panel. Due to neighbours garden being lower level than mine this dirty water then ends up in their patio. I do mop it up but was wondering if there some kind of cheap pump (not much money so cheaper the better)...
  13. S

    Isar HE 30 - O-ring for expansion vessel connection on pump

    Yes, we know it's an old boiler, yes we know it's overdue for replacement, but other than this one leak it's actually working fine. And no, I'm not touching anything gas related, this is a simple water leak issue. One of our lasses has an Isar 30, and a while ago it started leaking which was...
  14. Rp88

    Can I fit a pump to Aqualisa Visage?

    Hi there, any help appreciated! We've bought a Aqualisa Visage shower to replace our old one, however, have realised it's one without a pump! Can we just buy a shower pump and attach separately, and if so, does it need to go before or after the digital unit? We have a cylinder boiler in an...
  15. Trebuchet95

    Salamander pump installed but reduced flow when mixing

    I've had a Salamander negative head pump installed in the airing cupboard, just above the HWC. The HWC has has an Essex flange with the required anti-gravity loop installed and the cold water tank is about a metre above the pump in the loft. The outputs from the pump go back up into the loft and...
  16. B

    Poor flow

    Hi my really old large house used to be a real mess in terms of several old heating systems that were cobbled together and extensions to it. Not to mentions redundant pipework from Back boilers and a Rayburn/Aga style device in the kitchen. Now - I have the original gravity fed Potterton...
  17. W

    Hot Water Puzzle

    Hi, I have an issue with the hot water supply to our new bathroom which has stumped a couple of plumbers and a builder, short of spending a lot of money for something that might cause more problems. I'll try to explain it clearly and would be grateful for any ideas: We live in a 200 yr old...
  18. P

    TBSE on a very long radiator

    I have a 225cm wide, 45cm high radiator on a standard vented, 8mm microbore two-pipe, fully pumped system. I am getting rid of its old twin entry radiator valve to install a trv, so I need to decide where to position it and the lockshield. Easiest option would be TBSE (top-bottom, same end) on...
  19. A

    Swimmin pool pump - replace capacitor

    I need to replace the capacitor, but I have no idea about the diagram to plug the wires. Could someone give some advice? cheers
  20. W

    Water Pump

    Hi Can someone please offer advice on which water pump to pick? It'll be for the hotwater to the bath and a downstairs shower room, the cold is on mains and the upstairs shower is electric. We have a hot water cylinder at ground level (about 5m away from the original wall of the house) which...