1. E

    Rotten floor joists 1st floor

    Morning all, Long time follower and have used many threads to help with work before but a bit stuck with this one. My house is 150 years old and is a mash of renovations and additions. Going to have a rewire in a few months so wanted to check all the floor joists were in good nick and...
  2. D

    Tiling floor on sistered joists - Advice needed

    Hi All, I am doing up our new but 50 year old dormer bungalow and need some advice on the floors. The upstairs floor is sagging and appears to have undersized joists (16" centres, ~5.2m span, 2x7" joists). To complicate matters, the area is divided by two partition walls (bathroom and...
  3. oursurveysaid

    Sister Joists with Timbascrews?

    I’m about to sister joists onto existing ones to level a suspended floor. BCO mentioned I could use screws instead of carriage bolts, but I didn’t quiz him any further at the time. Does anyone have experience in doing this, and would these do the job...
  4. B

    Upstairs floor straddles block wall and joists at different levels

    Hi all. I had a squeaky uneven upstairs bedroom floor that seemed to go downhill at one end. I removed old t&g floor to find the room straddled the wall between utility room and the garage. The top of the breeze blocks being higher than the top of the joists. So am now a bit puzzled as to how to...