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    Porcelain slabs have lifted - what are my options?

    Hi all, I've just had half the garden fitted with porcelain slabs. The builder doing the work hasn't used any "slurry" primer (although he did say that he used a PVA primer) and a lot of them have lifted. Not sure if this is due to the frost over the last month or two? He did pop round and put...
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    Tanking slurry vs bitumen emulsion. Damp garage wall.

    I have a garage which is built with the walls sitting on the concrete slab, with a DPC at floor level, single skin brick. Parts of the walls are below ground, when it rains water seeps through the DPC. I've dug out and exposed one side and will cut back the DPC as close to the brick joint as...
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    SBR & Cement Slurry for patio

    Hi, We have a very solid but rather ugly patio - several different materials have been used ( paving slabs, concrete, various repairs ) so the colours are very uneven. I'm guessing this is a silly idea because I haven't read about it anywhere, but could I just mix up a cement and SBR slurry and...
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    Preparing damaged wall for tanking

    Hi.. i'm sorting out my bathroom in my converted Victorian terrace flat to fit new shower etc, few damp issues which im in the process of sorting slowly. A company quoted for the following to be done: 1) To apply anti-sulphate onto the brickwork. 2) To plaster the wall with sand and cement...
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    Painting on Tanking Slurry

    Hi, I am going to paint over tanking slurry with weather shield masonry paint. The slurry is pretty dusty though. Would it be wise to spray/paint with PVA/SBR bond first? Thanks in advance Graham