smart home

  1. T

    Upgrade analogue thermostat to Worcester Easy Control

    Hello, Wondering if anyone can help please. I have what I believe to be an S plan central heating system, consisting of: Worcester Greenstar 27Ri boiler Horstmann h37xl programmer British Gas RS1 room thermostat Danfoss zone valves x2 Honeywell wiring centre Telford stainless sealed hot water...
  2. R

    Video - Existing Garden Festoon Lights Made Smart

    Hi All. Just wanted to post a video of how I smartified my existing garden lights in case any of you are curious. It was a pretty simple job but had to be done because my outdoor sockets aren't smart and I wanted to control the lights with my existing smart app. Now if only I could find a way...
  3. F

    Smart Switch Upgrade Help!

    Hi all, First off I'm new in here, so hello to you all :-) Wonder if anyone can help me with a smart light switch upgrade for stair switches.. I've got a single gang upstairs and double downstairs for hallway and upsiairs light. Here's downstairs two gang: DoubleGAng by FrogsLegs posted 30...
  4. Chandan Rai

    Drayton Wiser Smart thermostat Valiant Ecotec Pro Combi Boiler fitting

    Hi All, I am looking to fit Drayton Wiser thermostat with my combi boiler. Because Controller is on the Combi boiler. I have only a temperature controller where i can set the temperature for the house. I have clicked some images after opening my combi boiler. Things which i learning that i need...
  5. L

    WiFi relay and Vaillant Combi boiler heating

    Hi guys, I am thinking of getting my heating control a little bit smarter. Currently, I have "old" Salus RF thermostat with touch ring, but not connected to any hub, so I can't control it outside of my house. I was thinking about getting micro usb powered d1mini development board with relay...