smart lighting

  1. S

    Making dimmable LEDs smart

    Hi, Apologies if this is in the wrong place/wrongly formatted etc, first time poster here. I am currently looking at swapping our old "dumb" bulbs in two rooms with smart LED strips to be wired into the mains, and fit into some cornicing/coving. We know someone who is fitting it for us, but...
  2. F

    Smart Switch Upgrade Help!

    Hi all, First off I'm new in here, so hello to you all :-) Wonder if anyone can help me with a smart light switch upgrade for stair switches.. I've got a single gang upstairs and double downstairs for hallway and upsiairs light. Here's downstairs two gang: DoubleGAng by FrogsLegs posted 30...
  3. M

    Add Shelly 1PM to Ceiling Roses - Wiring Help

    Hi all :D Hope everyone is staying safe!(y) I recently purchased a few Shelly 1PMs (quite similar to Shelly 1, but with power monitoring and slightly different terminals - Shelly 1PM = O SW L L1 N) Plan to add them to a few standard (one switch, one light) rooms in my house. Was planning on...
  4. Tycho149

    Lighting a disused fireplace

    Hi All, Before i ask for advice please know i will be getting a qualified electrician in to complete the work i'm talking about and i would just like some advice on what the job would entail. I am renovating my home and have an old fireplace that is no longer in use. The plan is to install...