smeg dishwasher

  1. djain

    SMEG dishwasher DWAFI149 - base fills with clean water after cycle completed.

    Hi, I own an integrated smeg dishwasher DWAFI149. After completing the cycle- the base if filled with clean water. I got it checked with one of the mechanics and he replaced the pump and charged me $350 but the problem still persists(And never came back to fix it). Can someone suggest which part...
  2. S

    Smeg DWA6314B2 - E1 Fault (bone dry) (pictures included)

    Smeg DWA6314B2 Problem: Won't start. No sounds. First fault light (E1) flashing when dishwasher open/closed. Tried: - All combinations of buttons (e.g. hold down child lock buttons for 30s, power button on/off, play/pause). E1 keeps flashing. - Pulling off white plastic bottom cover...
  3. dgtlptry

    Why is my SMEG Dishwasher showing E1 without water in tray?

    Hi, i have got an older SMEG Dishwasher ( lsap6248x ) showing E1 but there is no water in the bottom tray. 1. Dishwasher stopped working an showed E1. I researched and opend the machine. There was water in the bottom tray. After removing the water the dishwasher worked again. 2. Two weeks...
  4. vishalv

    How to remove the kick panel of a SMEG Dishwasher model DWA6314B

    We have the "anti-flooding" E1 error showing on our SMEG dishwasher and while researching on the issue, I read that this happens because there's some water logged underneath which is tripping the anti-flood switch. Now, I need to access this area by first removing the kick panel and I can't seem...
  5. D

    Smeg Dishwasher DI612E - 5th LED flashing

    Hi, I have a SMEG dishwasher (DI612E) that is with the 5th led flashing all the time no matter what I do. I have checked the manual and searched around, but couldn't find anything saying about a situation where only the 5th led is flashing. Do you guys know what may be the issue and how to fix...
  6. T

    Smeg dishwasher won't start

    Hi, I have a Smeg dishwasher type ST 1107 and as soon as I close the door so it starts washing I am hearing the sound it normally does but there is no water entering the machine. And then it just waiting propably for something to happen. Any ideas about where to look first?