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    Moving my soil pipe and vent?

    I'm planning on moving the toilet in my bathroom along a bit from where it currently sits, but I also need to move my soil pipe vent since it now comes out too close to my new loft velux window. Because of this it I think it makes sense to just move the soil pipe hole to where the new toilet...
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    Soil stack vent... to nowhere

    Hi, I have a victorian property that I purchased earlier this year. We're just in the process of digging a French drain around the property and as we removed the top layer of patio slabs next to the soil stack vent, I noticed that the pipe in the ground was not connected to the pipe running up...
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    Soil vent leak in loft

    Hello, I previously thought I had a problem with leaking ventilation ducting from an extractor fan vent in the loft caused by steam from the shower fan and/or a leak in the roof. This originally started as a nail had pierced the flexible ducting used to connect the 2 pipes in the loft and...
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    Drainage Venting

    I'm doing quite an extensive renovation and just want to make sure my plan for the drainage venting is adequate. The house is a mid-terrace and has a flat roof extension at the back, the roof of which I don't want to touch if I can avoid it (trying to limit costs as it was done recently), hence...
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    Soil Vent

    Hi all, My loft conversion coming to an end finally. Just after some advise regarding the soil Vent. My original vent was on a flat roof extension of the house, which has now been roofed over and made into a room. The vent pipe was removed and had a toilet connected to it(loft shower room) but...
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    Soil vent pipe moving options

    Hi Before we start getting quotes for a bathroom refit, I wanted to understand what our options are in regards to moving the soil vent pipe. Currently it is boxed in, ideally we don't want it boxed in, and do not want it outside as it is above the front door. Are we able to either: - re route...
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    Smelly internal bathroom - Soil vent pipe problem?

    Hi all, we have a smelly ground floor bathroom and I think it has to do with the positioning of a soil vent pipe that was installed when we had the bathroom renovated a few years ago. The soil vent is both angled within the the toilet cistern box and the vent is below the highest trap (a sink) -...