1. P

    Stanley Gas Fired 80k Twin System cooker

    We moved into a house late last summer that has a Stanley Gas Fired 80k Twin System cooker. We have an installation manual that shows the Product ID as 63AR5080 but no operation manual – we’ve had a look online and 63AR5080 only leads to guidance on the Brandon model which I don’t think ours it...
  2. G

    Stanley Fatmax Deep Pro Organiser bins & Makita Makpak Type 1

    As above can you fit one of the deep yellow bins into a Makita makpak type 1 systainer? You can a type 2 but I don't have a type 1 to test. Cheers.
  3. andyr123

    White Bloom on Blast tube of Kerosene Burner

    Hello. we have a Stanley 80 twin cooker with 2 burners in one for CH part, one for cooker part. I had it apart yesterday to clean out combustion chamber and noted that the blast tube on the CH burner had this white bloom on it. The boiler/cooker had a service nov 2015. Both burners on the cooker...