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    Clarification on 2t engine compression and when cylinder need replacement if scored

    Hi Everyone. I was given a non worker Stihl Edge trimmer and due of this cold weather, I decided to take it apart during the weekend. Compression test was 75psi. I then decide to remove the cylinder to see inside the condition and found a nice score starting from the bottom to the below of...
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    Compression for Stihl Engine - What a good reading?

    Does anyone know the compression (PSI) for the stihl engine when they are new condition? Going to view a professional chainsaw which they say does not work and only fuel needed. Sound strange as everyone can put fuel and try. Got compression reading tool and if allowed can try but not sure what...
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    Petrol cutter Stihl 410 won`t start - Help

    I purchased from an Auction (still not cheap) a Petrol cutter Stihl TS410. It`s was disappointing when opened up filter box with filter completely dump of water and fuel which completely fell apart. New filter, new spark but nothing. Plug spark seems to make spark. Also from the combustion...
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    ADVICE - What Stihl Strimmer to get??

    Hi All Looking at getting a second hand Stihl strimmer. I am after some advice and whether this would be suitable for my needs. I have a large garden mainly overgrown with brambles (1" thick in area's). I purchased a 50cc SGS one on Ebay thinking it would do the job (had the metal blade...