storage heaters

  1. Norfolk Broad

    Smart switch for old storage heaters?

    Hello everyone I've posted elsewhere about a one bedroom flat I've recently bought with night storage heaters. As I don't stay there all the time, I'm looking for a means to remotely monitor the temperature over winter and, if possible, switch the heaters on and off. I don't want to get into...
  2. H

    Consumer Unit for storage heaters - hot when I touch

    I have two consumer units. The consumer unit for storage heaters, which come on at night, gets hot to the touch. I am worried about this. I worry that it may catch fire. 1 - Storage - Living Room 3.7Kw (Creda late 90s model) 1 - Storage - Bedroom 2Kw. (Creda / Dimple 2015 model) 1...
  3. Q

    Consumer unit - no electricity to storage heaters

    Recently taken back an ex-rental property which has two Hager consumer units. The second one is just for the storage heaters. It has a red main switch on the right, and six black switches on the left. I have no experience with storage heaters, but as far as I can figure out none of the...
  4. P

    Newlec NLSH125 storage heater - not getting hot

    I’ve just moved into a an old cottage and it has a NLSH125 Newlec storage heater downstairs with electronic display. I set it up yesterday according to the instructions and set it to User Timer. It came on according to the timer but just made a noise as it a fan was operating but did not get...
  5. I

    Dimplex Quantum qm70

    Hi everyone, I have old storage heaters in my house that are all properly connected to off peak E7 supply via there own fuse box. As the heaters are old, arnt cost effective and have little control, i was looking into changing over to the dimplex quantum range. I have noticed the quantum range...