1. J

    Best solution for adding a shelf with lip to this keyboard stand

    I've got a third layer on my keyboard stand, but rather than adding another keyboard to it I want to add a shelf which spans the arms on which I can place several smaller pieces of equipment. Weight of the equipment will be around 5-6kg, but obviously most of that will be supported by the...
  2. G

    Trench Fill or Strip Foundation?

    Hi all, I'm shortly going to embark on my rear extension project. Did my own designs and drawings and full plans approval granted by building control which I'm pretty chuffed about, but I'm by no means an expert!! The plan was, after digging a test hole before submitting plans and speaking...
  3. J

    Removing old pine skirting without damaging the wall. HELP

    Hi Everyone I'm removing my old pine skirting as part of the renovation but this is proving to be very difficult and making a lot of damage to the wall. Basically the skirting is screwed with plugs on some point and very strong nails on others. Using chisel and crowbar but when pulling the...
  4. T

    Existing to new foundation level?

    Hi I’m building a rear extension on my 2 bed bungalow. The existing foundation is a strip foundation, and it’s a fair way below ground level, I’d say 900mm. Because the ground is clay, we have a spec of a 600mm x 1000mm trench fill foundation. My question is, can this new foundation rise above...
  5. K

    12V rgb wall ambient lighting

    Hi all, I was looking for a recommendation on wire and power supply and controller for the rgb smd light strips. I have in total just shy on 22m of what I believe is 5050 60led/m. I got them off ebay a good while ago and it came with 3 power adapters rated at 12v 5A (for 30M kit). Hence 1...
  6. D

    Remove paint from exposed ceiling beam

    Well, more like exposed bottom rails of roof trusses, with plasterboard recessed between for that mock Tudor effect. An extension has added new beams which I think will look better without paint, or maybe a very light stain (new ceiling plasterwork white emulsioned). However, the original...
  7. D

    When to strip outer grey insulation off 2.5mm twin & earth.

    I've run some cables up thru some back boxes for 240v sockets and was just putting some pvc channel over the cables (pairs - it's a ring) when I thought that it might be easier to get the grey outer off before the cables are fixed in place behind the pvc channel and up thru the grommets. Is it...
  8. agulesin

    Under-door brush seal - where can I buy?

    Dear All, Our porch door threshold has a slot on the top surface towards the inside which I assume is for some kind of sealing strip. The slot is 5mm wide x 15mm deep. Googling brought up these sealing strips from Australia but I want to know whether something like the DS-13 strip is available...