1. N

    Deflection in beam and fixing

  2. P

    Issue with party wall on property I’m looking to buy

    Hi all, I am looking to purchase a property but I’m slightly concerned about the neighbours extension. The extension was meant to be within the boundary but the neighbour decided to build it literally on top of the property for sale (I’d say about 3/4 of the brick is over the boundary line)...
  3. H

    High Damp Meter Readings & Failing Render on External Garage Wall

    Hi all. We recently bought a house and had a structural survey. The Chartered Survey came back with 1) Damp extracts pdf (with pictures). I then sought advice from several damp specialists, but perhaps made the mistake of telling them what the surveyor thought was the cause. You can see the...
  4. B

    How much would these jobs cost to do from a home buyer report ?

    We are looking to buy a home and have had a buyers report done which has thrown up some work to be done , we can't decide if it's still worth to go ahead with the purchase so any rough estimate for the jobs at end will be very helpful thank you . Damp around rear door and back wall due to...
  5. R

    Party wall surveyor - scope of responsibilities?

    Hi, I'm an "Adjoining Owner" under the Party Wall Act, and have an Agreed surveyor, with a Party Wall Award already drafted and agreed. The "Building Owner's" works are in progress. Some damage has occurred to my building that requires remediation work. The Building Owner has proposed a...
  6. I

    Subsidence? Should I worry about these cracks (for a purchase)

    Hi, I've had an offer accepted on an old (1900) terraced property in probate. Spotted a few large cracks over windows at the rear of the house and similar ones in the bay of the front rooms (first and second floor). There is a tree in the neighbors garden fairly close to the back of the house...
  7. Ellbell

    Subsidence or settlement

    Hi, We are trying to buy a 3 bed mid terraced house that was built in the late 1800’s but the rear extension is on its own as the house next door was built later. As it’s an area with lots of subsidence - south London. We only got a valuation completed as we didn’t want to pay £’S for a survey...
  8. B

    Party wall surveyor invoiced despite being told straight away that his services wouldn't be required

    Following planning permission we served a 3m excavation notice to a neighbour (who had put in an objection) under the party wall act. After 11 days of not hearing anything my husband went round to ask them their thoughts and remind them that if after 14 days we automatically enter dispute. They...