system flush

  1. I

    Reality of not using cleaner after installing new radiators in a clean system

    Regarding: Clean sealed central heating system, powerflushed and inhibitor added a few years ago and system water still remains clear as tap water. Question: After cleanly installing a few brand new radiators with no flux, in reality is cleaner really required before fully flushing the system...
  2. H

    Has my CH system been flushed correctly?

    I just had a new boiler installed and have a concern over the system flush that has been performed. I had two radiators that were taken off the wall for damp treatment months ago. A few days ago, in preparation for the boiler installation, my husband has installed the wall brackets and we have...
  3. eveares

    Update: Magnetic central heating filter worth it or just flush system with Sentinel X800?

    Been doing minor work to my Central heating system consisting of replacing one single radiator for a double one (same width and height) along with refitting a another poorly fitted radiator which brackets were loose and wonky. When I drained the radiators, small black particles came out what...