1. Jimbo-Winch

    Identifying a toilet flush system

    The toilet flush button (pictured with the flush system) has broken but I can’t find a matching replacement or a replacement flush system that matches the one I have. It has a bayonet fitting (pictured) which makes it extremely easy to remove/replace, hence I’m loathed to have to remove the...
  2. Winglet

    What could I replace this system with?

    Hi everyone, I recently moved into a detached house that is about 20 years old and has the original boiler. The boiler is in the kitchen and then upstairs I have a cupboard with a hot water tank. There is also a cold water tank in the loft. I had the boiler serviced and it works but not...
  3. S

    Alternative to gravity fed shower

    Hi. We currently have a mains fed water tank in the loft, a vaillant thermocompact system boiler in the downstairs utility room, and a copper immersion tank on the upstairs airing cupboard. The boiler heats the hot water and stores in the copper boiler until required. The boiler also heats the...
  4. C

    Videx and Benninca

    I have in place a Videx 836m for the door and just added a second one for the gate is all working fine but I added a 12V DC relay so that I can open the gate on 0 when called in but I can't understand where to connect the NO and C on Beninca control panel and the initial installer passed away I...
  5. M

    Door Entry Handset Wiring

    Hi there, New to the site and looking for some help replacing an existing Door Entry Handset with a Bell 801. The image below is the existing handset's internal wiring. And the image below is the new handset that is to be installed...
  6. S

    Hive multizone install with system boiler

    Hi I have a system boiler with two heating zones, and I'm trying to install Hive I have a Hive (version 1) controller, and a Hive Multizone unit Can someone tell me whats the best way to wire it up? Photos in album Cables into connector unit (from left to right): Boiler / Mains In /...
  7. L

    Shower gradually loses flow while other outlets unaffected

    We have a unvented system that was installed about 18 months ago. Everything works fine except for the shower - it has always been weaker than I had wanted, and has got worse in the last year or so. The main problem is that the shower flow rate slows to a dribble over the course of 10 minutes...