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    Potterton Boiler & Systemate 2000 issues

    Hi guys Hoping someone can help please. I've just moved in to a flat tenancy in the UK. The boiler is a Potterton Suprima 40litre in the kitchen and we have a Systemate 2000 in the cupboard down the hall. There is a pin timer on the systemate and a thermostat in the hallway on the wall. There...
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    Systemate 2000 Thermal store

    So, after my other thread was locked this is the latest: Initial problem was hot water fluctuating SO BG came out and did the following -New PCB -1x new water pump replacement of sensors the problem was now not fluctuating but the water not warming at times in the day perhaps when the...
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    Systemate SP118 hot water problem

    Hi, I recently moved into this flat which has a maxol boiler and a systemate SP118 thermal storage unit. It looks like the whole setup was installed in 1997. The heating works really fine. But the hot water doesn't seem to be working. The boilor doesn't power on when the programmer turns on the...