temperature sensor replacement

  1. M

    potterton prt2 thermostat not responding to temperature

    Hi, I have an old style back boiler and can't get my ch work. The dial on the thermostat is on maximum but heating comes on only when it's extremely cold. Hot water works ok. I'm thinking the thermostat could get dusty inside as we did some plastering but no changes after I cleaned it. I...
  2. M

    Replacing Sunvic TLX 7501

    Hi there, Second post in 11 years and boiler related... Couple of days ago I noticed the display on 7501 had gone off and heating permanently on, so went and got some more bats and was about to install when I noticed there was some corrosion residue. So I popped it of the wall and saw that...
  3. David B/S.Coldfield

    Replacing a VRC430f External Temperature Sensor

    I have had a Vaillant ecoTEC boiler with the VRC430f Weather Compensating Controller for several years without any serious problems. Recently, the external temperature sensor has been showing 18 or 19C, so the heating is not doing a lot. The Signal Strength screen in the VRC's Installation...