thames water

  1. J

    Use unmarked drain for extension

    Hello, Hoping someone might be able to help with our drain connection idea. We currently have a private drain that passes behind our house over to our neighbours garden that is marked on the Thames Water plans. From our neighbours garden it then goes into the main sewer. We'd like to do a rear...
  2. G

    Do I need a new communication pipe?

    Morning, I'm going to replace my old 15mm water pipe (lead?) with 25mm mdpe. Ill be doing the trench and laying the pipe etc for Thames Water to connect. Query is should I get the communication pipe replaced which is almost certainly 15mm? People generally seem not to and get much better flow...
  3. canofcoke

    Moving an Inspection Chamber

    Hello there this is a first post, so please be gentle! I am in the process of planning an extension to my ground floor flat (Flat1) and am wondering of the possibility of moving an inspection chamber that is in the way. There are 3 other flats above my flat in a Victorian terrace located in...