thermostatic mixer valve

  1. P

    Shower thermostatic mixer removal

    Hi, My shower thermostatic cartridge is faulty I believe, as I can only get lukewarm water and no hot water. I have tried removing it to see if I can get a replacement online but I am stuck at this stage (pictures attached). I don't know the brand of the shower mixer. Does anyone know how I can...
  2. D

    Slow drip from shower thermostatic(?) valve

    Hello - please forgive me if I've used the wrong terminology! I have attached three images which show the location of this leak/drip. The shower is connected to the wall as shown - the knob on the left is to turn the shower on and the knob on the right is to control the temperature. Where the...
  3. C

    Is it OK to use push fit fittings ?

    Can you advise whether it's OK to use push fit fittings on 15mm copper pipe behind plasterboard and tiles when fitting a thermostatic bar shower please ? Normally I'd use Yorkshire soldered fittings but would like to use push fit in this instance if I can. Thanks
  4. W

    No water from Thermostatic Value

    Hi Come someone please help. We recently moved into a old house with 2 X 80s shower room upstairs and a newish shower room downstairs, with a Thermostatic shower that's always been on the hot side and control valve not even turning a quarter of the way. This week we started combining the 2...
  5. G

    Shower Pumps Keep Failing

    I have now fitted the 4th replacement Shower pump, and am getting a bit pee’d off with this –so would appreciate some advice please and hope someone can guide me in the right direction please.... The shower was professionally moved in 2011 as part of a major refurb, and at that time it was...
  6. Adam Abdullah

    Keston C36 DHW - suspect faulty thermostatic mixer valve.

    Hi All Apologies in advance but I will try and be thorough as it's my first post :-) Need some advice, I have a Keston c36 which has been regularly maintained over the last 10 years since moving into a 6 bedroom Victorian terrace. Yes, many parts replaced and maintain spares just in case ;-)...