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    Rust in thermostatic shower filter

    Hi I’m having problems with a luke warm thermostatic mixer shower. Here’s what I know- It can be hot for 20 seconds then goes to luke warm and won’t heat again. The taps work fine however take a moment to get hot again after the shower has been used. I have had a pressure valve fitted but not...
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    Slow drip from shower thermostatic(?) valve

    Hello - please forgive me if I've used the wrong terminology! I have attached three images which show the location of this leak/drip. The shower is connected to the wall as shown - the knob on the left is to turn the shower on and the knob on the right is to control the temperature. Where the...
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    Recommended Thermostatic Shower Valve For Hard Water

    Is there a specific type or recommended brand of thermostatic shower valve for hard water areas? I can see there are different types of valve cartridge: bi-metallic brass body wax plastic body wax I'm wondering if one type is better than the others as our current shower has failed within a...
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    Fluctuating shower temperature, Potterton Gold

    Hi I have a Potterton Gold combi, about 15 yrs old, and a thermostatic shower. When the shower is run, the boiler doesn't always ignite or if it does, it cuts out after 30-45 secs. I don't have this issue if i run a bath. In fact, i notice that if the shower runs cold and i switch on the HW...
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    Thermostatic shower flow rate too high

    We've just installed a new Mira Coda Pro ERD shower as part of our bathroom re-fit. Our oil fed boiler is a Worcester Greenstar. I was worried that the flow rate wouldn't be that good, but it's the opposite. The shower waste is just about coping with the amount of water and I think I need to...
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    Deck Mounted Thermostatic Shower/Bath Mixer Questions

    Hi I have a couple of questions that I’d appreciate some advice on. 1) My Mira Sprint electric shower has packed up yet again. Rather than replace it a 4th time I’m considering swapping out the bath mixer tap for a deck mounted thermostatic mixer unit. The Aqualisa Midas 100 & 200 seem to be...
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    Help retrofitting new thermostatic shower

    Hi there. I’m looking to replace our existing Aqualisa Colt shower with a new shower from IKEA. I thought it was going to be a simple replacement job but I’ve discovered they’re fitted in different ways. Our existing shower fits on with its own bracket and plastic ends just slip directly on to...
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    Thermostatic Bath / Shower Valve Hot / Cold Issue

    Hi all, Reaching out in desperation :) I have had a concealed thermostatic 2-way shower / bath valve fitted for years and the shower has never worked properly. If I divert the water output to the bath tap the temperature stays constant, so works fine. However, when diverting to the shower it...
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    Shower temperature fluctuations - hot cold hot cold

    I have a shower with a thermostatic valve driven by a combi boiler. Its worked fine for a few years. Recently it has had temperature and flow rate fluctuations. I hope someone can advise me. More detail follows (look away now if you're not interested): When I turn on the shower it has a...
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    Crosswater Thermostatic shower -only able to get tepid water

    hi, I have a recently installed Crosswater MikePro 1500C Thermostatic shower running off of a Monsoon 3Bar standard booster twin pump. The Crosswater shower was running ok for a couple of months however has recently started to run tepid even if the temp setting is set to the maximum. If I...
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    Shower Water Temperature Fluctuating

    Hello Everyone, We have a VictoriaPlum Aria square shower, fitted in January 2014, driven by a Worcester Bosch 24CDi combi-boiler. Everything has been good with the shower up until now and the boiler, here when we moved in 2004, has always worked well bar a new pump and has been serviced...
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    Need help identifying this shower.

    Hello The shower gives only hot water, probably a problem with the thermostat cartridge. But don't know the make/model of the shower. The shower must be around 10-12 years old. Can anybody help please?
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    No heat from mixer shower valve

    Hi all, A couple of weeks ago, my shower stopped giving out any heat. Only Luke warm\cold. As the shower was a few years old in thought it was duff. I purchased a new one but that did the same. The manufacturer's engineer came out to look. He said it was an imbalance between the hot and cold...
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    fitting deck mounted shower/bath taps

    Hello I have found these... which like the look of - but can't work out if I can have them deck mounted or do they have to fit to the wall... I need deck mounted :-) Anyone who can advise - thank you very much!
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    thermostatic shower / combi boiler / water pressure - help please!

    I am hoping to install a thermostatic shower (Grohe Grohtherm Bath/Shower Mixer Tap 34448000) in order to stop having a shower that is constantly going hot and cold! However, I am very worried that the water pressure - which is just fine (not brilliant, but fine) at the moment will then be...