thermostatic valve

  1. TeessideGal

    Burlington thermostatic valve tiled in!!!

    I’m trying to remove the brass thermostatic valve, per original instructions. Managed to get everything off to find the retaining sleeves completely tiled and grouted in. Had a “professional “ do tiling, and a plumber do the plumbing 10 years ago. Question: do I have to break through the...
  2. D

    Slow drip from shower thermostatic(?) valve

    Hello - please forgive me if I've used the wrong terminology! I have attached three images which show the location of this leak/drip. The shower is connected to the wall as shown - the knob on the left is to turn the shower on and the knob on the right is to control the temperature. Where the...
  3. W

    Reglo TRV

    Hi, I have a Reglo TRV head that has failed. Searched online, but cannot find a replacement (or mention of the company). The radiators upstairs are all Reglo, and were newly installed around 8 years ago. I've never head of Reglo, but any suitable replacement heads please, otherwise it's a...
  4. E

    Triton Mixer Shower - No water flow

    Morning all, I've tried to find a similar post but couldn't find an answer anywhere so apologies if this is a repeated/common post but I do need some help. I have a Triton Mixer Shower upstairs (not 100% sure on model but looks similar diagram to Triton Antares) that I cannot get to work. It...
  5. S

    No working TRV in the house

    Hi guys, hope this is the right place. Since we moved in to this house 2 years ago, none of the TRVs on the rads have worked. That’s 7 radiators. We had a guy in about this time last year and he said the best thing to do would be to install a thermostat, however there are some rooms that’s...
  6. P

    Thermostatic Radiator Valves

    Hi, Just a general educational question: When one turns the control knob on a TRV to a higher or lower setting, what is it connected to within the valve? I assume it's adjusting spring tension or something similar? (Assuming it's using a wax-based actuator.) Thanks in advance.
  7. D

    Shower Water Temperature Fluctuating

    Hello Everyone, We have a VictoriaPlum Aria square shower, fitted in January 2014, driven by a Worcester Bosch 24CDi combi-boiler. Everything has been good with the shower up until now and the boiler, here when we moved in 2004, has always worked well bar a new pump and has been serviced...
  8. macker6464

    Trevi thermostatic shower valve - no hot water any more

    This thermostatic shower valve (Trevi CTV Built-in A3102AA) has gradually got worse since I moved into the house 3 years ago. It used to work most of the time eventually kicking out hot water but gradually got worse. It would probably have been professionally fitted as the rest of the house...
  9. C

    No heat from mixer shower valve

    Hi all, A couple of weeks ago, my shower stopped giving out any heat. Only Luke warm\cold. As the shower was a few years old in thought it was duff. I purchased a new one but that did the same. The manufacturer's engineer came out to look. He said it was an imbalance between the hot and cold...
  10. C

    Removal of retaining ring on thermostatic shower valve

    Our thermostatic shower valve is misbehaving (1 year old, bathstore, not impressed). The instructions casually say "remove retaining ring" (see attachment). Um... how? It's threaded and pretty stiff; tools can't really get to it - forcing a pair of screwdrivers in gives no joy. I even tried...
  11. M

    Thermostatic valves: this can't be right...can it?

    Hi there. Just moved into an older house to discover that all the radiators appear to have old thermostatic valves... at both ends. I'm no central heating engineer, but shouldn't one end have a lock-off valve? Aren't the two valves just sort of fighting with each other? Any advice on how to...