1. Rikki Frederiksen

    Tigerloop de-aerator not filling

    Dear DIY guys, It's snowing here in Denmark and we are currently freezing at home, as the oil-fired boiler is not heating. It is heated by a oil burner (Reillo RG0.R), which is preceded by an two-pipe de-aerator (Tigerloop Type T 80 I) system and an oil filter (Oventrop oilpur). About a month...
  2. Jakeh83

    Tigerloop Installation on RDB1 WORCESTER GREENSTAR 12/18 484LD2X

    Hi ive recently moved my oil boiler about two meters, there was previously no tigerloop but i have bought on as im extending oil line anyway, i cant find an install guide anyone help? Im GS registered and I'll be getting an oftec guy to commission.
  3. andyr123

    lot of condensation in top of Tigerloop device - is it normal?

    I photographed our Tigerloop the other day - seems a lot of water/condensation in the top of our Tigerloop, does this look normal? - I've never had a Tigerloop before so i didnt know if its normal? is that what is supposed to happen? or could there be some water getting into tank or oil? - I...