tile trim

  1. twildy

    Filling unsightly gap between tile trim and wall

    Hello, After the bathroom fitter left, I was left with an unsightly gap between the tile trim and the wall. Ranging from about 1-3mm. I tried to fill it with silicone but the finish was unsatisfactory so I removed it again. Should it be filled with a flexible grout instead? Cheers!
  2. L

    Remove / file sharp edge on a tile trim

    Hi I had a tiling done sometime ago, and just realised the tiler left the edge of the trim quite sharp (he should have done it in such a way that sharp edge would somehow be rounded etc... it has become a hazard as the sharp edge graze the skins and causes cuts. It has become a safety hazard. I...
  3. K

    Tile trim question

    Hi all, so, got 9.5mm tiles that are wavy (Trinity Architect from Tile Giant if anyone is interested). The guy at the shop said i'd need a 10mm square edge profile trim, but that surely only leaves me 0.5mm for adhesive if the measurement of tile and trim are exact. Would it be better to find an...