tilt and turn

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    Tilt Turn Door Gearing

    Hi, I have a tilt and turn door that operates in an unusual way. This is a left hinge hanging door; looking at door from the inside, the hinges are on the left and swings inwards. The standard or typical positions to open/close/tilt the door should be as follows: 6 o clock position (close...
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    UPVC Tilt and Slide Patio Door

    I am trying to replace a damaged handle on my tilt and slide patio door. I have a new one, but cannot get it to unlock, and I can't even begin to imagine what I can be doing wrong! How many ways are there to turn a key in a lock??? I thought it was defective and had a replacement sent, but...
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    Window Hinge Identification / Replacement

    Hi. The hinge in the attached photos has broken and I need to replace it, does anyone know what make and model this is or where I can get it from or an alternative? Thanks