toilet outflow

  1. R

    Soil pipe mayhem

    Hi All We are buying our first property and have what we suspect is an exposed 4" soil pipe running along the kitchen ceiling. The pipe has been boxed in and it's there as a result of an extension. What possibilities are available to fully conceal the pipe or redirect it? We have attached a...
  2. A

    Please help - Installing soil pipe over flat roof

    Hi there, let me just start by saying I am no plumber or expert and am looking for some advice on doing my first 'big' DIY project of turning a small bedroom into a bathroom, specifically with the toilet. I want to put the toilet below the window on an external wall which is upstairs and...
  3. Y

    Connecting loo to sewer and AAV

    We have removed a macerater from our ds loo and will be connecting with the inspection chamber in the garden. The setup currently looks like this. Pictures attached. I have notified BC but I haven’t been able to speak to anyone with it being Easter. The air admittance valve on the white pipe...
  4. S

    Toilet waste - funny size?

    Hi all, Wonder if anyone out there can offer some advice regarding connecting up a toilet pan to the existing waste outlet. I pulled out the old pan and waste, and bought a flexible pan connector. I managed to get the end into the wall socket using the existing rubber gasket, but only after a...
  5. Spike Allibone

    Toilet Waste Outflow

    Hi All! - We had some somewhat mediocre 'handy-man' fit a new toilet and outflow pipe to our bathroom. Since the toilet was moved from its original position, he ran a new outflow pipe in a U shape around the room. To make the bend in order to link up with the original outflow location, the pipe...