1. T

    Soil pipe ventilation

    Alright folks. Hopefully, someone can help in regards to venting my waste pipe from a downstairs cloakroom toilet. It comes straight out and down as in the image and the white pipe is my new drainage from the kitchen, however it's not vented. My toilet bowl is filling up and returning to...
  2. M

    Saniflow or wastepipe

    Hi, I'm looking for advice on the classic saniflow Vs standard toilet issue. We're looking at getting an understairs toilet fitted in our house. We've had 5 people round to quote for it and all but one suggested we use a saniflow to go under the kitchen cupboards and out to the soil stack. The...
  3. CharlieNxce

    Removing concrete waste collar on toilet

    Hello everyone, I am trying to work out how to safely remove this concrete waste collar, stick a 250mm deep 1m wide vanity unit on the wall behind and replace the toilet with a new back-to-wall toilet and hidden cistern. Any advice on how I go about this and if I can likely get the new cistern...
  4. P

    Toilet smells

    Hi. Started getting some nasty smells in the bathroom. I think they're coming from the toilet plumbing. Does this look right? At first I thought that the flexible connector/pipe had come loose from the hard grey soil pipe it joins on to. I thought that I had to jam it on to provide a tight...
  5. dpm_dpmartin

    Toilet conundrum

    Hi all - if I don't provide everything needed to understand this, please just let me know and I'll find out. This is my second toilet, so there's no urgency, but I'd like to get to the bottom of it (boom-boom!)... the other day I noticed a gentle hissing sound coming from it and I took the top...
  6. B

    Fitting new toilet

    Hi All, i am fitting a new bathroom and the current toilet has been fitted with a gap between the cistern and the wall which i want to remove when i fit the new one (the old owner filled the gap with a tiled box). However im not sure what toilet i can get that will allow me to close this gap...
  7. S

    Multiple Toilet Outlets

    Hi all, Hoping for some advice. I'm a self builder and I am about to put in the plumbing for 2 ensuites and a main bathroom. Each has a toilet and it's the waste pipe to soil pipe plumbing that I need a little help with. 1 toilet will go up against an outside wall so I'm OK with that one as I...
  8. J

    High spigot toilet?

    Hi, Trying to find a solution for our en suite. Most spigots centre at 180mm high on all the toilets I can find. We are installing an en suite in a confined space. The problem we have is that the exit through the wall for the toilet waste has the steel running by it. Thus to avoid it, the...
  9. O

    Advice/ Help.

    Hey! I live in the middle floor of a 3 storey apartment building. The flat above has a leak. I’ve been in to investigate, and from what I can see the seal from the nut and bolt screw holding the cistern to the toilet has warped. Could anyone recommend what type of fixtures I’d be searching...
  10. P

    Replacing washer on cistern inlet valve

    I have an inlet valve that is allowing some water in even when the float is raised. I wanted to check the washer - presumably diaphragm, but after taking off the cap, I'm unsure how to dismantle the valve. Any tips? The inlet came with a NUCA C211 valve. The other option is to remove/replace...
  11. Jimbo-Winch

    Identifying a toilet flush system

    The toilet flush button (pictured with the flush system) has broken but I can’t find a matching replacement or a replacement flush system that matches the one I have. It has a bayonet fitting (pictured) which makes it extremely easy to remove/replace, hence I’m loathed to have to remove the...
  12. S

    Increase height of new toilet pan

    I'm replacing my old toilet and cistern. The flooring is P5 moisture resistant chipboard. The new toilet pan is not as high as the old one and needs to be raised by about 25mm. I'm proposing to screw a piece of P5 chipboard (22mm thick) to the floor and fix the pan on top of it. As an...
  13. C

    Intermittent bad smell

    Hi all We've been experiencing an intermittent smell from our downstairs toilet for the last few months. We've tried replacing the pan connector and have had a CCTV inspection on the drain, but the problem persists. Last week I removed the toilet again and disconnected the sink trap. Both have...
  14. T

    Installed new toilet, but it has a constant trickle into the bowl

    The question says it all really. I have just put in a new toilet. Everything seems fine, but it does have a constant trickle into the bowl. It's hardly noticible... but I noticed and now can't unsee it. Is there a simple fix for this? Is it something to do with the float? Everything is brand new.
  15. C

    Hairspray/Hairgel for Pan connector to WC spigot?

    I plan to fit my first toilet in the next week or so and just studying the steps involved before I jump in. I've noticed in a number of videos that some form of lubrication is often recommended for the interface between the toilet spigot and pan connector to ensure a proper fit. Back in my...
  16. G

    Flies by the toilet waste pipe

    Hello Started to notice a few of these large flies downstairs and today there are half a dozen all in the downstairs toilet mostly by the waste pipe. Not seen this before but assume there is something around there causing this.. Ideas how best to deal with this? Cheers
  17. 1

    Toilet does not fully flush

    Hi, I have just moved into a house with a toilet that has a dual flush valve, the type that is screwed into the cistern lid with a plunger on the bottom. It seems to sit too low on the cistern and when I push it it only half flushes the toilet. If I remove it and then push the top of the flush...
  18. S

    Pan Connector + Extension OK to use?

    I'm considering buying a WC that has the spigot 215mm set back from the cistern edge, but my soil pipe comes through the floor, next to the wall. Therefore I will require a standard 90-deg pan connector (e.g. McAlpine CON8) + extension piece (e.g. McAlpine CON-EXT). Will this in any way impact...
  19. S

    Rak Summit WC - Recommended?

    Having spent ages looking across the market, the Rak Summit seemed to the best-fit for my requirement. Thing is, I checked on TrustPilot and Rak get absolutely slated, with many complaining about flushing issues and poor quality ceramics; not specifically related to the Summit though i.e. many...
  20. F

    1 inch gap between wall and toilet - skirting board

    Hi, We have had this toilet installed, but there is skirting board around the room. I was expecting the toilet to sit flush against the wall, but I didn't even think to ask about the skirting board. Is cutting the skirting board where the toilet will be considered best practice? Is there a...