1. cwhaley

    Temporary Trickle Vents

    I'm having a new extension and I'm currently ordering the windows. I know er need means of ventilation but I don't want trickle vents (ugly, noisy and inefficient) -- my preference for ventilation is locking the windows on the catch which we have been doing for years now with no problems. I know...
  2. M

    radiator trickling sound but won't bleed

    Hi. As the title says, I have a regular style radiator which constantly has a trickling sound while the heating is running, but each time I try to bleed it, no air comes from the bleed valve, just water. Curious to know people's suggestions on how to get the air out. Cheers
  3. thunt

    Retro Fit Insect Screen - Trickle Vents

    Hello, Social housing tenant here who had new windows installed over a year ago. Been getting dead bugs on the window sill and noticed there is no insect guards fitted in the trickle vents. Reply from housing is vents conform to building regs, so nothing they are prepared to do, but i can...
  4. D

    No hot water - new ensuite shower

    I see this issue is not a new one, but I have a variable that I wanted to check with you guys before I do anything. I've just moved into a house share, and the room has an en suite shower that has apparently never worked. There is a very slow trickle with the mixer turned to hot, and sometimes...
  5. cwhaley

    Remove trickle vents

    Not seen a previous post on this so thought I'd ask the question -- how can I both remove and seal up trickle vents? I know what they're for but they get clogged up in the summer, only allow a small amount of air flow and they allow more sound into the house the rest of the time. We ventilate...