trv thermostatic radiator valve

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    Hi. I turned off trv radiator valve (or so i thought ) and lockshield in order to take radiator off the wall, but i gave up as i couldn't undo the lockshield screw - grr - it's totally stuck even with wd40 to help! So i then re-pressurised my combi boiler assuming water had been closed off but...
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    TBSE on a very long radiator

    I have a 225cm wide, 45cm high radiator on a standard vented, 8mm microbore two-pipe, fully pumped system. I am getting rid of its old twin entry radiator valve to install a trv, so I need to decide where to position it and the lockshield. Easiest option would be TBSE (top-bottom, same end) on...
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    Location of radiator without TRV

    Hi all, I understand that a CH system requires that at least one radiator have no TRV to prevent the user from closing all valves, and overheating the system, but I have also read on this forum that the radiator lacking a TRV is typically placed near the thermostat...
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    Danfoss TRV help - can’t remove

    I’m having trouble removing a pretty old trv (picture attached). It just turns continuously making me think something’s broken underneath. Can I just snap it off?!
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    Change TRV - How to drain system?

    I have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 42CDi combi boiler and I need to replace a TRV on a radiator. I understand that to do this I need to drain the system, however I don't have any drain valves on any of the radiators and my boiler is pretty much boxed in by kitchen cabinets. Any ideas how I can...
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    No working TRV in the house

    Hi guys, hope this is the right place. Since we moved in to this house 2 years ago, none of the TRVs on the rads have worked. That’s 7 radiators. We had a guy in about this time last year and he said the best thing to do would be to install a thermostat, however there are some rooms that’s...
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    Plastic Head of TRV causing issues

    My radiator isn't working and after reading the forums here, I thought it was a small pin on the TRV that was causing issues. But after checking the pin, it was clear that it was working fine but the head itself was causing issues. The black spring in the head that moves as the TRV head is...
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    Plastic tabs on radiator valve

    Hi, I know nothing about radiators - can anyone tell me what the red and blue plastic tabs are on this valve? Thanks!