1. P

    Concrete base

    Hi We have a very old concrete patio. We are extending the garden and the patio area, which is about 45cm below the garden seperated by brick wall, is going to be turfed. Question is do I have to break up the concrete and completely remove before I fill with topsoil and turf? Thanks
  2. L


    I recently booked a contractor to get rid of the concrete in my garden, and then lay down some turf. Specifically said get rid of all the concrete and then lay the turf. Found out days later the reason my soil remained soaked 24/7 was because he removed some concrete, but the majority of it...
  3. H

    New lawn slowly dying off - is it waterlogged?

    Hi I got my garden done in July. The landscaper did a whole bunch of hard and soft landscaping and removed the old lawn and part of the existing soil, then install some new soil and the new turf, which was of really nice quality. The landscaper did a very good job in the garden, to a very high...
  4. Ouch77

    Remove poor, shoddy tarmac and turf?

    Some bright spark in years past (70's I reckon, given what other detritus I've dug up) had decided to lay some tarmac type stuff in my back garden, in a strip adjoining the lawn. My desired outcome is to extend the lawn over this area (about 1x7m). It's a fairly undefined patch of tarmac...