1. S

    Insulating summerhouse (during build)

    Hi All I am planning to build a summerhouse/home office so it will need insulating. I wonder if you kind people could offer me your thoughts on what I am thinking of doing? Floor support will be timber frame and joists (47x100) on concrete piles. I was intending to put baton in the joists at...
  2. Bagheera

    Proper Tyvek housewrap & flex wrap installation

    Hi all, My timber framed garden room now has tyvek house wrap on the exterior and I need to cut out the window holes and flash them properly. The way to do it in the US seems to be to cut the house wrap flush with the edges of the window holes and use flex wrap on the bottom cill wrapping 6...
  3. N

    Garden brewery/workshop shed - best insulation option?

    Hi all. I've been reading and re-reading articles on shed insulation and am now totally confused. I'm building a workshop/brewery shed down the end of the garden - 3.5x4.5m. Plan is to build a 2x4 pressure treated timber frame on three courses of bricks to get the frame and cladding off the...
  4. S

    Tyvek or Not to Tyvek

    Long time reader, first time forum poster! Right then, I've got myself an 1850's cottage (Great) although it turns out now it needs a fair bit of TLC (Not so great). Current project is sealing up the front door (leaving the side door as main entrance) with an insulation sandwich. I'm planning...
  5. L

    Tyvek house wrap/ metal placement for insulated shed build

    Hi i am an amateur currently attempting a studio/shed build. I am building a 12x9 foot insulated shed I have constructed a frame from 2x3 wood which I intend to fill with kingspan later, I plan to add 9mm osb to the outside of the frame then 75mm steel lined cold-room panels on top of that with...