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    Y plan heating but no independent CH.

    Hi I have a glow worm space saver 52 with a British gas UP2 (Drayton LP722) programmer, a Grundfos pump and a Drayton mid position valve. Fully pumped system. Looks like a standard Y plan arrangement but no connection to the HW off terminal on the programmer. When I (hard wired) connected one...
  2. R

    Hive install - replacing up2

    hi, I’m trying to install a hive which replaces an up2. I have wired up like for like but the heating does not operate. There is a red and a grey wire terminated into a block behind the up 2 which I can’t help thinking should be used for something. I terminated all wires at the thermostat...
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    Honeywell Analog stat, UP2 Programmer and Ideal Conventional Boiler to Hive

    Hi all hoping you guys can help and apologies if I ask any obvious questions or what's been asked before. I have an ideal conventional boiler with a Honeywell Analog stat, a hot water tank upstairs with a UP2 British gas programmer by the tank. Bought a Hive 2 and the electrician has replaced...
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    Nest 3rd generation replacing a British Gas UP2

    Hello all, I would a very quick bit of advice. I am planning to purchase A Nest thermostat this weekend but I want to understand how I can wire it first with my setup. Please in advance forgive me if I say anything slightly stupid but I have a good understanding of electric circuits so I should...
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    Replacing a UP2 controller unit

    Hi, I have just moved home and the new house has a Worcester 30 CDi boiler with a UP2 dual controller. I know it is an upgrade, from my last house, but it feels like a bit of a downgrade. In the old house we had a Worcester 28 CDi and a Honeywell CM927 wireless room stat/programmer. I believe...