upvc casement window

  1. G

    Leaking UPVC Conservatory Picture Window

    Good evening, I have a leaking window in a conservatory, it appears to be leaking out of the bottom left of the frame. I checked and there are no drainage or weep holes I think this is correct for non opening windows. I checked another non leaking frame and it also did not have any weep holes...
  2. T

    Supplier/fitter recommendation upvc windows in HA5

    Hiya, hope this is allowed. I'm hoping someone in my area can recommend a company they have worked and happy with. The windows of the flat webought 3 years ago are terrible. Much condense in winter, I can therefore see mould. I suspect they areboth cheap and terribly fitted. I'd like to do a...
  3. DanRobertsB

    Windows and sliding doors: Velfac vs uPVC vs aluminium

    Hi, I'm after some replacement casement windows and sliding patio doors in a timber frame/wood clad house. White inside, rosewood (or similar RAL colour) outside. Any thoughts on what material is best, and why? Seems to be a fair it of conflicting advice (much of it from interested parties!)...
  4. H

    Dormer window installation

    Really stuck on this issue and need some decent advice. We are installing a new dormer on the back of our house. Previous 60s dormer was too cold and flimsy. Window fitter has installed new windows yesterday and I am not sure the top looks right. When the plasterboard is in place the top of...
  5. A

    Trickle vents through reinforced UPVC

    Hi, I have bought some trickle events to help with condensation. I’ve found out my window frame and sashes are reinforced. Am I ok to drill a series of holes through the reinforced part? I assume I need to get a special metal drill bit as mine don’t seem to be doing anything to go through it...
  6. G

    Temporary waterproofing of cavity next to window

    Hi, my cavity wall has moved out maybe an inch so the old architrave round the window doesn't cover the gap. It's leaking in. I need something I can put on when wet, maybe waterproof tape that will stick to the bricks as a temporary fix as the upvc trim supplier is closed today and tomorrow! Thanks
  7. ricky9

    Help with Burn mark on UPVC Window

    Hey there, I am having a bit of trouble with a burn mark left by an incense stick on my UPVC window. Does anyone recommend how this burn mark should be handled? Some repairers have mentioned it cannot be repaired where as others say it can. Can I repair this myself? or does anyone...
  8. J

    Window alarm that permits partial opening - exist or make - and how?

    uPVC outward-opening side hinged windows on ground floor. Would like to be able sleep with them open to say 100mm but an alarm sound if they are forced open (burglar) BEYOND this. I can't find a product that does this. ...So maybe a normal door chain (that can be unhooked for daytime full...
  9. theandroids

    UPVC Trim was hideous. What to do now?

    Good afternoon all, I removed the horrid upvc trim from around my windows to reveal these beautiful gaps.... I was going to install thinner wood trim as the trim that was put there was excessive, but I would prefer to have a flat surface rather that trim at all. Is it possible to fill with...
  10. H

    Adjusting UPVC Casement window for better seal

    Can anyone give me an idea how to make a better seal on a uPVC casement window on the bottom side opposite the hinged top side. I've attached a couple of images for reference. TIA