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    Floorboard gaps under carpet query!

    Not long before we have a carpet fitted (with underlay) in our front bedroom once plastering and decorating completed - normal floorboards with a small void (where you can see some dust, debris and wiring) between this room and the lounge underneath. Does anyone know if you need to 'fill' gaps...
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    Drain water from pipe closed at end

    I have a pipe that goes from my house, outside, and into a washing machine in the garage. The pipe is insulated but has frozen in the past. I though I would be smart and turn off the water from a valve in the house before the water goes outdoors. So I closed that valve and disconnected the...
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    Vax cordless blade 32v ultra anyone advise - lights flashing but no power

    Vax Cordless blade 32v ultra - has suddenly stopped working and on charge lights flash but no power – could it be the batteries had it? If so where can I find a replacement?
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    Where to find adapters for vacuum cleaner to connect to power tools?

    Just recently purchased a Makita LS1018L and, although the dust-collection bag puts up a genuinely worthy fight with the sawdust, I've been out and purchased the Wickes wet-and-dry vacuum, as recommended in many places, in order to connect to it to help out (plus general tidy-up). I'm...
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    Best wet and dry vacuum for yards?

    I just spent 2hrs cleaning the yard by hand with a brush and it was pretty exhausting and the results are average. So I'm in the market for a vacuum cleaner which can clean fine dirt from the yard several times a year. My budget is £80 max. I was looking at the "Karcher WD2" but it has a few...
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    Cyclone Dust Collector

    Dust collection is important for anyone doing woodworking (for the sake of our lungs). I've looked at a number of DIY cyclone dust collectors and decided to build this simple design using a simple bucket and ABS fittings: I didn't put in a baffle but it seems to still work ok. Does anyone...