vaillant ecotec 618

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    What is the best modulating smart heating system?

    Ive opened a can of worms by researching the heating system for our refurbishment. We are having a central heating system installed. The proposed boiler is a Vaillant ecoFIT pure (think 618 but not definite). The heating will have 3 underfloor heating circuits for two zones. Builder intends...
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    Hive Heating Dual Channel & Vaillant EcoTEC plus 618 setup not working

    I recently moved into a house and the boiler installed is a Vaillant EcoTEC plus 618. There is hot water tank for the shower downstairs and that has a water thermostat on it too. Boiler: Vaillant EcoTEC plus 618 Hive Dual Channel I have attached the current wiring of the Hive, which does not...