velux integra

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    Velux Electric Blind will not reset

    Hi All, We've recently had a loft conversion completed which included 4 electric (not solar) Velux Integra windows. 2 windows are in one of the bedrooms, the other over the stairs/landing, and the remaining one in the other bedroom. Yesterday I fitted the integra electric roller blinds on the...
  2. R

    leaking velux

    Hi , Can anyone help with a leaking velux window iI had them installed 4 years ago with no problems at all. but in recent months they have started to leak from the bottom left hand and right hand corners , I've had a roofer to have a look to which he said there was no problem from the outside to...
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    tiling round velux window. Tiles kick up

    Hi I am new to this forum stuff so hoping i do it right and someone can help. We installed a couple of velux, and have tried to tile round it but the tiles kick up an awful lot around the window, esp at the bottom. Is this right? Velux advised us to use the edj flashing kit but all the pics i...
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    velux fused plug

    Hi there, I've got two new velux integra windows installed. They come with a fused plug, which the sparky is insisting that it should be kept like that, with an access hatch in the ceiling to access it if it goes wrong. Reason is that if he cuts the plug the warranty becomes void. I am...