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15 Dec 2019
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United Kingdom
Hi ,
Can anyone help with a leaking velux window iI had them installed 4 years ago with no problems at all. but in recent months they have started to leak from the bottom left hand and right hand corners , I've had a roofer to have a look to which he said there was no problem from the outside to a recommend velux installer to which he said the builder should be shoot.For what i can see it seems to be coming in from the gasket at the bottom of the window and when i open the window it seems to have water on the first ledge of the frame. but when i open the window the drip comes from the corner of the window. Has anyone else had this problem. ??? Thanks
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Could it be condensation on the glass dripping down?
Mattylad, I did think this at first, but it has been a problem until a few months ago, and after reading on Velux website about condensation they mention about radiators being turn up to solve the problem, we have underfloor heating so I did rule this out. Here's a photo to show the leak. Thanks for you reply .


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I wont show a photo of the one above me (it needs a damn good clean) but the leak is almost the same.
The glazed units have gone, they get condensation on a lot and drips occur.

We keep saying we'll get new ones.... but I have not got my round tuit yet.
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Had a similar problem and got into an internet conversation with people at Velux who came up with various solutions which did not work. Then someone pointed out that like most things in life a bit of maintenance is sometimes required and I noticed that some detritus and moss was begiining to gather around the edges, etc. Well I opened the one causing the most drips and cleaned away as much dust and dirt, etc. as I could see - IT WORKED! Anyway Mrs then suggested I should put hand in pocket and pay a man who knows. Found a local chap who was "Velux certified" (velux can help with this) who came within a few days and "did" the other 5 windows. He also said that a tad more sealer was required in certain places and of course he had some in his van which he injected as necessary. Charged me £60 cash so not too bad and we have since had a couple more heavy rain storms but everything staying dry woo hoo! Now you could try having a go yourself from the inside if you have a high enough step ladder (that's what my man did) but if that doesn't work do the same as I did and ask for a quote beforehand so you don't get ripped off.
I would now add a further tip after more recent experience and closer examination of the kit:-
1. They didn't leak when they were first installed did they?
2. So what has changed with the passage of time? Well in our case a slow but steady accumulation of herring gull poop and other detritus from my neighbour's apple tree nearby.
3. There is a rubber seal firmly attached to frame of the casement (the bit that moves when you open it) which goes all the way round. Why? - to keep the rain out of course. However, it seems that is one of the places where above mentioned detritus can accumulate and then allow some rain drops to get through specially if there is some wind blowing.
4. I have found that thoroughly cleaning said rubber seal every few years puts a stop to those slow leaks which seem to appear in the bottom LH corner on my velux's and from what I have seen on here, on many of yours too. I note that Velux appears to have changed the design of this "seal" on more recent models, presumably in an attempt to obviate the leak problem, time will tell I suppose.
Hope this helps.
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