velux window

  1. E

    VELUX Roof Windows

    Hi, I’ve recently moved into a property where VELUX Low Pitch Roof Windows have been installed. I can’t for the life of me get them to open! It’s driving me mad. I’ve tried for a month to get them open but can’t. I’m hoping somebody can help. I’ve attached photos of them and have tried locking...
  2. D

    Extension roof

    Hi, just finished my extension roof and in the top left corner I can't seem to get the tiles to lock properly around the velux and it's been driving me mad. First attempt at a roof. Can anyone advise if it would be OK as it is or what I need to do in order to get them to sit right. It all...
  3. S

    Velux roof window leak

    Hi we had two velux roof windows fitted about 6 years ago and they have intermittently leaked on and off for years , I have thought that when it rains hard in one direction the rain goes under the tiles down the sides and gets it somewhere . They havent leaked for about 18months but one has now...
  4. AndyCh

    Retrofit trickle vent in Velux window

    I have a wood velux roof window which is not accessible without a ladder as it faces down onto the landing. it is gathering a lot of condensation from the Bathroom below and a new bathroom fan hasn’t reduced the condensation at the bottom of the window. I want to know if I can retrofit a...
  5. P

    Velux Insect screen: can I mount it upside down?

    I bought a velux mosquito net model ZIL C02 102 0000 2. The window is to be mounted on a velux window that I have in the attic. It turns out that the position of the window is such that the position of that initial tubular piece (the net reel) that is shown in the video below will be at the...
  6. R

    leaking velux

    Hi , Can anyone help with a leaking velux window iI had them installed 4 years ago with no problems at all. but in recent months they have started to leak from the bottom left hand and right hand corners , I've had a roofer to have a look to which he said there was no problem from the outside to...
  7. F

    Velux window leaking

    1. Bought a house with single story extension, only 10 degree pitch in the roof and it had tiles on it. Rain was getting in the tiles and leaking, but the windows never leaked. 2. Roofer recommended replacing with a felt roof, which has stopped the roof leaking totally, but now the velux...
  8. P

    Another post about roofing and velux windows

    Hi, I've read quite a few posts about similar issues to mine, so apologies for duplication. We have completed an house extension that has a 15 degree pitch roof using sandtoft roof tiles. There are 4 velux windows and the roofer has used the correct EDW flashing kit, according to Velux. I am...