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21 Sep 2017
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United Kingdom

I've read quite a few posts about similar issues to mine, so apologies for duplication.

We have completed an house extension that has a 15 degree pitch roof using sandtoft roof tiles. There are 4 velux windows and the roofer has used the correct EDW flashing kit, according to Velux. I am aware that some tile kick-up is normal, but was wondering if someone could take a look at our roof and let me know if this looks normal - they look like they are kicking up quite a bit, and look messy? Should the roofer have tiled right up to the window? Where the tiles are cut - is there such a thing as roof paint that could be used to cover up the red internals of the roof tile? We don't have any leaks, so it is purely aesthetic - I was wondering if it could be made to look less 'messy'.

I have pictures of the process here:

Thanks for any advice or reassurance that this looks ok.
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it could have been tiled closer in but you will have got more kick up. with a bit of work it could have probably been a bit better but I have seen worse. he could have made the cuts on the other side of the tiles i.e into the last tile rather than into the window. I agree it looks crap.
Not an expert, but I can see what you mean. The tiles are flattish and the roof angle so low that it shows up so much more than a larger more wavy tile at a higher roof angle. I have velux windows and was not keen about the finish at the flashing/tile interface on my house. I think it's the nature of the beast i.e. if you use velux and that flashing kit that is all you can expect.
I guess all you can do is look at other velux windows in a similar roof angle situation, to know that its " not just you"
Have you spoken to velux ?
Tiles should not be kicking up at all, and there should be no exposed runners on the last tile
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Very poor workmanship, all those little slivers of cut tile and the exposed side interlock along the side abutments.

With those 15° slopes you have to get the tiling spot on or they will leak, especially around rooflights.
It's poor.
You can cut the foam down to stop some of the kick up but I agree the tiles should be much closer. Those little bits of tile will fall off.
Do those flashing kits not have self adhesive bottom flashing?

I do wonder why people go with such low pitch roofs these days a flat roof would be so much better.
With small plain tiles you can get tile and a half to avoid slivers. Not sure if that applies to those.
My thought is the breathable membrane has been pulled too tight. Is the insulation full fill or a gap above? If no gap it should have counter battens.
I've a 16 degree pitch with the same tiles and velux there is a slight kick but not as bad as yours. The small cuts could have been avoided be using the tile and halfs. It looks rushed where as a little more prior thinking would have avoided most of the problems. I've uploaded a few pics of my extension roof for reference.

He also may have used the correct flashing kit but at such a low pitch should have also installed the storm collar and transverse gutter for belt and braces.

Agree also regards membrane doesn't seem to have any run off between rafters.


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Thank you all very, very much for your comments - I will pass this on to our builder.
CJRatch - your roof looks fantastic.

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