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    As the flashband is essentially your weatherproofing, I wouldn't worry about which code lead you use, probably just stick it on with silicone.
    Don't forget to treat it with patenation oil otherwise it wil oxidise and leave white streaks down your glass.
    Hi Chappers,

    I know you've mentioned Byng Joinery before, they've given me a quote for hardwood classic sash windows with toughened 4/16/4 for around £1000 each (11 windows), this is about 1/3 cheaper than two local quotes. In your experience are they well made with good draft proofing etc.

    Many thanks, Peter
    apologies for not replying I have been out of the country.
    The windows from byng joinery are top quality. I have put them in loads of clients houses and just installed 9 throughout my own home.
    Been using them for about ten years now and never had a problem with any of their products or service.
    If you have any questions or want me to take some photos of mine just let me know.
    Best wishes
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    Hi chappers

    I've no problem sending you a copy of the "surveyors" report but I don't want to put this online just in case ...your comments about the insurers acting in an unusual way.... I wasn't really worried because I thought no insurance company would do that without first contact the person accused of doing the alleged damage !!! How wrong was I ??
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