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  • really depends on maintenance, the factory finish is really good. Hardwood sills are better if the finish wears but otherwise it doesn't matter.
    I have a friend who works for a joinery shop and they are pretty much exclusively using
    accoya now.
    If the painted protective surface is kept well, then it doesn't really matter
    apologies for not replying I have been out of the country.
    The windows from byng joinery are top quality. I have put them in loads of clients houses and just installed 9 throughout my own home.
    Been using them for about ten years now and never had a problem with any of their products or service.
    If you have any questions or want me to take some photos of mine just let me know.
    Best wishes
    Really appreciate your feedback. I've been in two minds about marranti or accoya and paint durability between the two woods. Would you recommend hardwood for an extra 20%?
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