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  1. P

    Roofing problem I think

    Hi all, Im new to the forum I hope you can forgive me if I post something in the wrong place. I hope someone can help me. My neighbour has had new roof tiles put by a council, and to my eyes the bit where is merging with my roof it just doesnt look right. Their tiles are bigger than mine but the...
  2. P

    Roofing problem I think

    Hi all, Im new to the forum I hope you can forgive me if I post something in the wrong place. I hope someone can help me. My neighbour has had new roof tiles put by a council, and to my eyes the bit where is merging with my roof it just doesnt look right. Their tiles are bigger than mine but...
  3. N

    Tiles Nail it or not?

    Hi all, I’m replacing my roof. Attached are my roof tiles. When installing roofer didn’t nailed any of those to battens. Sati that these kind of tiles no need nailing. And in future replacement will be easy. is that correct? Do we mail it? Bit confused.
  4. G

    Can I buy and replace a cracked roof tile?

    I'm not sure where I can buy roof slates? If I get them would I need to cut to size? Is it better to just get a roofer to do it? It's only a ground floor annex, these things fall off from time to time so it may be a good skill to learn. Thanks for any help you can give me
  5. E

    Correct roof tiles??

    Hi hoping someone can advise! I had a few tiles replaced recently but concerned they are not sitting properly flush. The roofer said they are the same but made from clay (not concrete as original ones are). I know they were tricky to find. Can anyone tell me whether these look ok?? Thanks so...
  6. O

    Hanging roof tiles on wall

    I have a small section of the wall where I need to fix hanging tiles (red clay Victorian tiles). There are no battens and the other tiles are fixed with nails going into the brick. I can’t find any nails that can penetrate the brick and hold the tiles , i tried different types and size. Is there...
  7. T

    New Roof Original Material

    Hi I read somewhere that all original roofs on Victorian houses were slate, does anyone know if this is true? My current one has clay tile (Rosemary I've been told) and I'm sure the roof had to have been replaced at least once in its life. I am thinking of replacing it again. I'm very...
  8. S

    French barrel/Roman tiles

    Has anyone ever seen Spanish/French barrel tiles used in the UK for roofing? Seems a nice style but have never seen it used in this country and wondering why? Is it just not the fashion trends or is there something more serious regarding the materials, weather, etc? Images of tiles (sold at...
  9. S

    Acceptable gap between Marley roman roof tiles

    We just had our roof completely renewed from the boarding outwards, including re-tiling with marley roman roof tiles. I noticed, especially in the valleys, some big gaps between tiles not resting on the grove of the adjacent tile. You'll see on the photos a couple of these tiles where I can put...
  10. K

    1900s Terraced style house, roof problems

    I live in a 1900s terraced style house, it is joined back to back as opposed to having neighbours either side, meaning it has two gable walls. The house is a peculiar shape and on the right hand side it widens towards the back, from a Birdseye view it forms a trapezium. The roof features Roman...
  11. K

    Reroofing (duplicate)

    Hi, I live in 1920's terraced house with gable roof. I've just finished reproofing the back of my house (garden side) using the mix old plain concrete tiles (cleaned thoroughly) and lots of new ones as well. I've used old tiles purely due to lack of funds and also Covid closures meant...
  12. H

    cutting concrete roof tiles to fit lean to roof width

    Hi I've got a lean-to roof which has cover width of 8.42 double roman tiles. Am I OK to cut tiles and drill a new fixing hole? I will will try and ensure one of the humps is on the outer edge of the roof. I've got some verge clips which I hope will support it a bit, perhaps some epoxy resin too...
  13. Sharky7866

    Help Need Advice

    Hi I had a nightmare project, a extension on my house. The roofer which I hired i had lost a little faith and was working alongside side him to keep an eye out. My concern is the method he chose to butt up against my house with Conrod plain tile, he used a dry soaker, but there are gaps between...
  14. M

    No under tile felt on roof is it a problem?

    Hi everyone just went up on my loft space and found out that the roof tiles have no felt underlay or felt sarking, is this a major problem I recently brought the house it was picked up in the survey that there was no undertile felt, from what I have read a lot of houses built in 1930s don’t have...
  15. N

    tiling round velux window. Tiles kick up

    Hi I am new to this forum stuff so hoping i do it right and someone can help. We installed a couple of velux, and have tried to tile round it but the tiles kick up an awful lot around the window, esp at the bottom. Is this right? Velux advised us to use the edj flashing kit but all the pics i...
  16. L

    Concerns about roof maintenance on potential extension - valley issue

    Hi all, Just after some general advice about an extension to our existing pitched roof. I attach a plan for reference (apologies for the sketchy scrawl!). The boundary of the existing pitched roof is demarcated by the blue dots. There is also an existing flat roof (single storey only)...
  17. P

    Another post about roofing and velux windows

    Hi, I've read quite a few posts about similar issues to mine, so apologies for duplication. We have completed an house extension that has a 15 degree pitch roof using sandtoft roof tiles. There are 4 velux windows and the roofer has used the correct EDW flashing kit, according to Velux. I am...
  18. M

    How do i fix slipped chimney coping stones?

    First post on this forum so please go easy. I was up on my top floor flat roof extension to fit a new cowl to the bathroom extractor fan and noticed that there is a missing and slipped coping stone to the chimney breast. There are (were) only 5 stones in total 3 smaller ones sitting on top of...
  19. D

    Replacing cracked fibre cement tiles

    Hi, We recently had some work done on our house and the guys ladders broke a few of the fibre cement tiles right at the bottom by the gutter. Annoying, but as it was only a few broken I planned to just do it myself. Has to be done as the break means that the water will miss the gutter. They're...
  20. Simon Stokes


    Can some one tell me what these roof tiles are, and the colour?