velux leaks

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    Velux roof window leak

    Hi we had two velux roof windows fitted about 6 years ago and they have intermittently leaked on and off for years , I have thought that when it rains hard in one direction the rain goes under the tiles down the sides and gets it somewhere . They havent leaked for about 18months but one has now...
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    Velux leaking or condensation?

    Hello, A few days ago I noticed what appears to be a leak in the bottom left of my velux window - see pic. It appears to be a damp patch, it’s slightly noticeable that it’s damp to the touch but it’s not wet wet. It seems to be mainly surface as it dried very quickly. We did have a lot of rain...
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    leaking velux

    Hi , Can anyone help with a leaking velux window iI had them installed 4 years ago with no problems at all. but in recent months they have started to leak from the bottom left hand and right hand corners , I've had a roofer to have a look to which he said there was no problem from the outside to...