veritas 8

  1. Chuckles1066

    Veritas 8 chimes issue

    Had a Veritas 8 installed in Feb 2023 and had zone 5 (garage) set to "chime" whenever the door was opened (it does this when the alarm isn't set which is great). A year to the day after the installation, I opened the house front door and got a two tone chime (the same as we get for the garage...
  2. A

    Veritas 8

    Hi all, I had to open the veritas 8 main panel to check which battery was needed, having noticed there wasn’t any battery in the unit and is probably connected via the mains. I switched the power back on. now the unit has gone into tamper mode and always bleeping. I’ve entered my 4 digit...
  3. S

    Veritas Alarm - Alarm goes off every time I open front door - Help!

    Please help. I don't know anything about alarms. I accidentally shut off the electrical power at home for a few minutes. When I turned it back on, the alarm went off. I put the code in and pressed RESET, but it didn't work. After many minutes, it finally shut up by itself. But now the alarm...
  4. Pinstrypsoldier

    Disconnected alarm, lights still flashing on bell box

    Hi all. I’ve used this site a few times but only just now signed up to post something of my own! I had a smart meter fitted recently and during the installation, the power had to be disconnected. When this happened, the alarm sounded for 15 minutes (presumably because the battery is old/dead)...
  5. Martin Bryant

    Veritas 8 - Unexplained two tone beep when unset

    Just bought a house with the Veritas 8 alarm fitted. Code seems to work fine and I've identified the 4 zones in use. I've turned off the chimes but when unset I occasionally get a two tone beep for no obvious reason. As far as I can tell, there are only door switches fitted. No PIRs or other...