Veritas Alarm - Alarm goes off every time I open front door - Help!

2 Dec 2020
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United Kingdom
Please help. I don't know anything about alarms.

I accidentally shut off the electrical power at home for a few minutes. When I turned it back on, the alarm went off. I put the code in and pressed RESET, but it didn't work. After many minutes, it finally shut up by itself. But now the alarm goes off every time we open the front door.

When the alarm goes off, the UNSET button flashes.

I've put in the code and press RESET, but, again, it doesn't work. I've tried the code 4321 and RESET, and again my code and RESET, but nothing.

Please please help! Thank you!
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if your code and the default user code doesn't work and you have had the power off.

When was the units battery last swapped changed, how long was the power off.

Panel batteries are good for around 4 to 5 years, in the trade we would test the batteries condition with a special meter.

in some cases if the battery goes beyond a certain point, the panel can be damaged one of the signs of which is a hot/ very warm battery.
Thanks for responding. I have no idea when the units battery was last swapped—probably more than 3 years.

The power was off just for 5 minutes or so.

Let's suppose it's the battery. What's the easiest way of disabling the alarm? I don't care about fixing it, I just want it to shut up for good.

If I open the panel and take out the battery, will it shut up? Thank you!
no as you would need to turn mains off also, its hard to be certain as don't know all the facts.

If you replace the battery system may work normally quick fix??? you can get batteries from Screwfix or tool station when they are open.
You can get a battery for little money to try at least?, if when you take the battery out of the panel and its not hot you have a fair chance.
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Do you happen to know which kind of battery I need?

What should I do if, when I get to the battery, it is hot?

What about fooling or disabling the door sensor somehow? The alarm only goes off when we open the front door.

Thanks again!
if only the front door is going whats showing on the keypad?

The battery, will depend on model of unit you have and the space, so opening it up and you will see the battery.

Veritas 8C upto 2.1Ah 12V battery
The rest upto 7Ah 12V battery

but space inside the unit is usually the limiting factor and it can be tight if its not tidy.
Nothing happens on the keypad most of the time. But when we open the front door, the UNSET light starts flashing and the alarm goes off.

Thank you!
are you able to login into the panel with your user code and prog (00 instead of prog if the panel is old)
all the lights should illuminate, you can the check the logs, its in the manual.

It be interesting to see what the log records as the fault/ activation.

If the zone had triggered the alarm you would expect to see a zone number in the log, but you say you open the door and and the unset light flashes and alarm goes off.

Unset light flashing is sign of a power issue, but seems strange you say it activates by opening the door.
But the panel doesn't have a screen. How do I see the log records? I don't have the manual. I downloaded a manual online, but it says nothing about seeing the log.

Yes, it is weird that it only activates through opening the door. I might try omitting Zone 1 (but, from what I read, Zone 1 is probably programmed not to be omitted).

Is there any hope in trying to think about how to bypass the door sensor somehow?
Is it a surface contact ( block visible on the door ) or concealed in the frame ? If surface just remove the magnet block off the door , if concealed remove the magnet from the door
The door is working in that it sees an active zone??? this would display in the event log, the most recent entry would show the zone number in the log as activating.

so if the last few events were the same and the front door is zone one you would see LED 1 illuminated in the log entry.

This is in the manuals. does it sound like the normal alarm tone or different?

if the zone type was accidently programmed to a 24 hour zone type, every time you open the door even if unset it will activate the alarm.

the most common wa this is done is for zone 2, usually a pir in the hallway, and done by using the default engineers code as follows
1234 Prog takes you into engineering 1234 Prog changes zone 2 to a fire zone (zone type 4).

but say it was zone 1, and it was changed types Fire 4, 5 Tamper , 7 PA then any of them could activate the zone.

if it was zone one, then you engineers code could be something like 11(X)(4)or(5)or(7)

So 11X4 Prog 11X4 prog would set zone 1 to a fire zone
So 11X5 Prog 11X5 prog would set zone 1 to a tamper zone
So 11X7 Prog 11X7 prog would set zone 1 to a PA zone

Where X is a number between 0 and 9

just a thought
User code + prog does nothing. Every time I press a button, the UNSET light turns on as I press the button.

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