1. M

    Boiler overheats in DHW mode (can't keep output at constant level, see video)

    Hi All Vaillant ecotec 637 plus, S-plan external cylinder, eBus control. When in DHW mode the boiler acts weirdly as in it goes full on for ~5 seconds then minimum output for ~5 seconds and this forever until it stops. It's shooting for 75 degrees and with the behaviour of full on / full...
  2. B

    Visonic Powermaster 33 'video on demand'

    Hello, I have an out-of-contract ADT Visonic Powermaster alarm panel with GSM and Powerlink module. Software version 19. All works well. I want to add the 'Visonic Motion Detector with Integrated Camera Next CAM K9 PG2' for extra visibility. Unfortunately, these detectors don't show video...
  3. ScottP

    GDX5 Video telephone

    Hi all, just bought a 9 year old property with a GDX5 video telephone, it works but there is no video, and the handset is very quiet, while the ringer would wake the dead. People can hear me, but I can hardly hear them at all. And we jump out of our skin when it rings. Can anyone help with what...
  4. cwhaley

    Who is at fault in this dashcam video?

    I am uploading this video to gauge opinion on who is at fault here -- I am friends with one of the two parties involved in this clip but I won't say who! Currently both parties did want to sort outside of insurance, but the wife of one of them insisted it goes through insurance. So -- who is...