1. A

    Installing nest 3 on combi boiler with unvented indirect cylinder.

    I got the nest to work great with the heating of the house (gas boiler), but the hot water for the house stopped. So no idea what happened. This made me think I should connect 4 to 10 on the main wire box as that is how the nest can talk to the water tank. Is this wrong? 20211106_162911 by...
  2. F

    Vokera Aquanova LE or Ariston Next Evo x

    My Main Medway Super Multipoint has finally bitten the dust :(. Its Hobson's choice for a (NG) replacement either a Ariston Next Evo X 16l or the Vokera AquaNova LE. Does anyone have any experience of these water heaters and which one is the better choice?
  3. H

    Another Volkera and Nest installation - advice please

    Hi guys, We are in the process of having a nest thermostat fitted (3rd gen) to out Volkera Easi heat 29 boiler and our fitter is struggling a bit so thought id ask for some advice. Can any show me the correct wiring for the heatlink please? so that it controls the boiler properly. A pic would...
  4. cwhaley

    Vokera Unica 28HE

    I'm trying to find out about the above boiler as I can't find much in the way of independent reviews on the internet. The MiL has one fitted in her newly-purchased house. She phoned me the night after she'd move in to say there was no hot water. I checked the pressure gauge which was at zero...