wall fixing

  1. winnie78

    Leanto on Sandstone building

    Hi, I am looking to bud a leanto off the side of my sandstone building. What fixings should I use for the joist support into the wall? I mean just the piece of timber into the wall the rest of the frame will be supported by on that side? I know I'll need to probably add some damp proof...
  2. M

    Drilling into what looks like brick - hit a blocker almost immediately

    Hi all, drilling into what looks like a brick wall in our cellar, to hang something up, but after around 5mm the drilling just stops, with both normal and masonry drill bits. I used a stud finder and metal/wires finder and they both said nothing was there in the area. I’ve attached an image of...
  3. T

    Wall (Main + Extension) not lining up

    We are in the process of buying a property and this seems to be a problem raised by a surveyor and we would like to resolve it. The extension was built on the main building but the joint bricks do not align. After speaking with a builder been told this is not possible. As bricks are sticking...
  4. B

    Repairing random rubble wall after chimney breast removal

    I have recently removed loads of chimney breast from the ground and first floor in my property. On the first floor and in the loft, the breast wasn't tied into the party wall so it was very easy to remove. Downstairs the breast was tied in to the random rubble wall and removing it was a...
  5. M

    How to mount window seat, no wall studs?

    So I have a bay window where i want to build a seat into the bay. My house is old (United kingdom built circa 1930) and I can't for the life of me find any wall studs. It's lathe and plaster walls, I've tried a really strong magnet without luck. I pulled out a skirting board (baseboard) under...
  6. S

    Wall plug in wall with really thick plaster

    Hi I've got a solid brick wall that has got several sheets of plasterboard over it so that the plasterboard is about 50mm thick and this wall is tiled. I want to hang quite a heavy mirror on this wall. Would I be best get a really long wall plug like 120mm long plug fitted so that open end of...