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    wallplate bricks moving and holes how to fix /w photos

    My property is old vicotiran house in a London borough built in 1889. The loft has a course of brickwork laid on the wall plates and appear to have been stuck down with lime mortar. The bricks are moving and the mortar is crumbling and lots of gaps appear everywhere. It is obvious the mortar...
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    Wall plate or Hanger in brick - flat roof to existing house

    Hi, I will be having a small flatroof to the side of the house (2m x 2m). Wanted to check if I need to put the Masonry Joist Hangers directly into the existing Brick Wall? Or if I can put a timber wall plate and then timber joist hangers go into the wall plate similar to attached (I have...
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    Replacing with SuperSwitch Central Heating Programmer with Drayton LP711

    Greetings fellow DIYnot-ers! Would appreciate immensely some advice re a small DIY job i am about to embark on. And please forgive me for moments of painful description i am a relative noob. We have a Gledhill PulsaCoil boiler (pic) and it has been controlled by a Superswitch Central Heater...