1. bettz1

    Best way to secure cleat hook into brick

    Hi my cleat hook has worked its way loose last time I used 5mm plugs and 50mm screws, how should I go about getting it back into the brick and for it to not come out again?l Bigger holes bigger plugs and screws?
  2. D

    Washing machine in bathroom - outside zone 2

    What do the most recent regs say about washing machines in bathrooms? My (2.5m x 2.1m) ground floor bathroom and 1st floor kitchen need rearranging: obviously, the washing machine really needs to be in the bathroom (below the kitchen). The 2 main trips on the CU are RCD protected. Thank you...
  3. D

    Washing machine spur off central heating boiler supply in a bathroom?

    Can I add another fused spur in a bathroom (for a washing machine) to the existing supply for the central heating boiler? Old colours cable - 51M DELTA ENFIELD BASEC. Thank you, Dain
  4. H

    Hotpoint Aquarius WDL540P - Starts but then stops - Any ideas ?

    We are having problems with our Hotpoint Aquarius WDL540P washer dryer. It will power on without any warning lights. We can select the programme, and start. It starts to fill with water and the drum starts turning. After a very short time it stops turning and nothing then happens at all...
  5. D

    Which rigid mat under washing machine, under vinyl flooring

    1st floor galley kitchen with vinyl flooring. Kitchen is not 'fitted'. I'd like to put some sort of fairly rigid mat under the washing machine to prevent the point loaded washing machine feet from damaging the click vinyl as the machine tries to go walkabout. I read that rubber mats, or...
  6. D

    Washing machine on click vinyl? Bad idea?

    My kitchen is upstairs so the floor is a mix of t&g chipboard and ply; it doesn't have gaps and I levelled it. Is it a bad idea to put click vinyl flooring in there with a washing machine? B&Q colours slate tile 5mm. Will the washing machine destroy the click? Thanks..