1. E

    What type of floor oil / varnish is this?

    Hello, I'm hoping you can help me with this! I need to sand down a few patches of an old wooden floor, due to extreme grubbiness / ingrained dirt, and then re-oil or varnish to pretty much the same colour. I have sanded down a patch and tried applying four coats of danish oil. The finish...
  2. B

    Cleaning/Restoring Solid Wood Floor

    I fitted solid wood floors about 5 years ago. There’s quite a noticeable grain in the wood, which looked nice when new, but over time it has been a magnet for dust (if I’d known this would happen I would probably have used different flooring, but hey ho). Also a couple of times I’ve been doing...
  3. B

    Console Table - Identifying Wood Type

    I bought an old console table recently. It's covered in a horrible dark, sticky varnish type coating which gives the wood grain a strange orangey hue from certain angles. Almost looks as if someone has painted gravy on there and left it to dry. It's a b****r to sand off as well. I digress. I've...
  4. bettz1

    Anyone know what was used on this table?

    We've sanded down our table due to it having a few marks and im stuck as to what to do next. I'm not sure what was used previous, the table felt smooth and had to be sanded down as we spilt nail Polish remover on it.The 2 benches are in perfect condition and if I can get away with just painting...
  5. Phil Smith

    Wood Stain for 1930's Pine Doors

    Hello, I have just purchased 3x 1930's pine panel doors, they are currently stripped down to bare wood, I need to stain/wax them to match the 2 doors I currently have. I have attached 2x pictures of the current doors I have and their colour is a dark brown, does someone know what I need to...