weather compensating controller

  1. S

    What is the best modulating smart heating system?

    Ive opened a can of worms by researching the heating system for our refurbishment. We are having a central heating system installed. The proposed boiler is a Vaillant ecoFIT pure (think 618 but not definite). The heating will have 3 underfloor heating circuits for two zones. Builder intends...
  2. D

    Accuracy of Vaillant vSmart internet temperature

    hi all, I am thinking about replacing My Vailant VRC470 with a Vaillant vSmart controller but I am concerned that the WC I have at the moment using a sensor on the north face of my property is far more accurate than the general weather data derived from the internet that the vSmart uses. Am I...
  3. L

    Intergas RF 36 benefits over HRE 36 or OV

    tl;dr: Why install RF36 instead of HRE36 or Ideal Logic+ 35? How does weather comp/new thermostat differ to boiler's internal modulation? Is a non-pumped gravity shower acceptable (better than an 8kw electric) upstairs even with very old slow recovery HWC, or just go combi at 13lpm in small...
  4. David B/S.Coldfield

    Replacing a VRC430f External Temperature Sensor

    I have had a Vaillant ecoTEC boiler with the VRC430f Weather Compensating Controller for several years without any serious problems. Recently, the external temperature sensor has been showing 18 or 19C, so the heating is not doing a lot. The Signal Strength screen in the VRC's Installation...